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About Wholesale Forest Products

We are proud to have a reputation for consistently delivering quality material and excellent customer service. Our customers include distributors, nurseries, contractors, retail landscape material yards, home improvement centers, and many others. Our bulk products include bark, sawdust, chips, mulch, custom soils, compost, worm castings, rice hulls, gypsum, and many more soil amendments. 

You can find a number of different soil recipes on the market, just as you can find a number of different peanut butter cookie recipes. the ingredient that makes our soil superior to every other soil is our “Forest Peat”. The looming regulations and restrictions on the importation coco coir and peat moss, combined with the huge carbon footprint that both of these materials dispense on the environment and their inconsistent PH and salt levels signaled to us that we needed to seek out alternative base for our soil. After two years of intensive efforts, extensive research, machine modifications, exhaustive testing at UC Davis, we not only created a great PH-neutral alternative, but we also discovered the material that increases yields and decrease water usage due to better moisture retention, increased drain-ability, and greater air space than coco or peat moss. And, this is a local renewable and sustainable resource. 

        Forest Peat, mixed with our Omri “Certified Organic” Compost and a blend of time-assessed ingredients, has proven to produce better yields in test plots against all other bagged soils. This proves ours to be the one bulk soil that is “bag Quality”. Until now, the best quality soil was found in 2-cubic-foot bags. But those times have changed. Instead of opening fourteen plastic bags for each yard of soil, we Nor-Cal Gold in 2-cubc-yard totes and in bulk. Our trucks deliver from 5 to 60 yards per trip.